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All older men should be concerned about prostate health

Questions about your prostate answered

Prostate health. If you're male, over 50 and health-conscious, you'll be concerned about it, and guess what? That's both normal and sensible, because changes in your prostate gland are a natural part of getting older, and it's only good common sense to inform yourself of any risks and steps you need to take to combat them.

Most of you have heard about enlarged prostate (prostatitis) and prostate cancer, but what are the symptoms of these diseases, and what treatments for prostate cancer are available? Can we take any steps to maintain our prostate health? Are there any foods to avoid or health supplements we should take?

This website will give you the basic information you need about what your prostate gland is, how it develops, what can go wrong, and what you can do about it. But don't forget, we're dealing with the dark side here: for the vast majority of us the more extreme consequences simply won't apply.

We all have prostate glands, and we all get older, but for most of us other factors, not our prostate, will be the eventual cause of our demise (hopefully at a ripe old age!).

What will you find on this site?

The information is split up into 7 sections:

You'll also find articles about different aspects of Prostate health, problems and treatments, and links to related websites and reference sources you may find helpful.

We also provide you with links to the latest information coming out about Prostate problems, including research developments into the treatment of Prostate cancer, chronic prostatitis and the symptoms of prostate disease.

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